Pretty fabric

For years I have wanted to have a go at making a patchwork quilt. I've stood in many a fabric shop swooning over all the pretty fabrics and I've also been stock-piling old clothing that I keep planning to turn into memory quilts. In my usual disorganised way though absolutely nothing has happened. Until now.


I recently "met" Mum of One on a Facebook group and as soon as I read about her plan to make a cot-bed quilt and blog about the steps involved I just knew that I needed to take part. 

As per the instructions I ordered myself a couple of charm packs from The Cotton Patch (how had I never even heard of charm packs before?) and I'm delighted with their contents. 

I went for the "Funky and Retro" selection and ordered a couple of them so that I have some excess compared to the 64 squares that are required and I'm really pleased with the fabrics included. There's a great mix of pretty, funky and cute.

My next task is to decide which ones to actually use and to work out a layout arrangement. I'm thinking that may be the difficult bit. To tide me over until then I'm just going to keep looking at this one (which is now sat on my desk next to my laptop) and day-dream about what I could make for the kids with cute fabrics like this one!



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    That fabric looks beautiful! Oh lord I fear I am going to spend even more money on Cotton Patch! Sp glad you are joining in. Keep me posted :)

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    Ooh Enjoy! I love a good Charm pack! I’ll be running a patchwork class using charm packs in June if you’re not able to get your mojo on by then – but I’m sure you’ll be jet propelled by the summer. Best of luck with the quilty-fun! Helen of

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