Ladybird Tuesday: The Ladybird Book of Aircraft


Well we've survived our first foreign holiday as a family of four and even managed to fit in a wedding in a foreign language and following wedding reception without too much incident. I'm therefore catching up on all things blog related (including a full low down on our trip) but it seemed obvious that this week's Ladybird Tuesday has to be holiday related, and seeing as there are no titles related to overseas (why?) I went for Aircraft instead.

We've already learnt here on Ladybird Tuesday as to how the aeroplane works so this time we're doing a bit of plane spotting. Whilst this book was originally first published in 1964 the edition I have is copyright 1972 and it was part of series 584 which was the "Recognition" series, six books mainly covering different transport types, but also strangely flags too.


My copy of this book is quite battered, but also features quite a few annotations from a previous owner who it seems was a bit of a plane spotter-wannabe. Bless him – it seems that his first scoring system for ticking the aircraft that he'd seen didn't result in enough ticks, so he modified it so that he could also tick the aircraft that he'd heard about but not seen. I bet we all did similar when we were kids.


Despite being quite a big geek I have to admit that aircraft aren't really my thing all that much – not sure why, but they don't exactly "float my boat" if you excuse the pun. What I did like about this book though was the passenger aircraft near the back and how much it reminded me of a trip Mr C and I made (shockingly nearly 5 years ago now) to the de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre which is quite close to where we live in St Albans.


The golden age of air travel fascinates me and as I was sitting in the Easyjet departure "lounge" last night, at that point where they're telling you that the gate has closed, yet the aircraft you're about to travel on still hasn't arrived from its inbound journey, I really yearned for those times and the glamour that they seemed to have.


Little Miss C  loved looking at all the other aeroplanes that we saw around the airport and Master C just seemed to enjoy having loads of new stuff to look at the whole trip, so I think another visit to the RAF museum in Henlow might also be on the cards. But right now it's time to put yet another load in the washing machine…

If you have a collection of old Ladybird books then please feel free to join in with Ladybird Tuesday. There are no formal rules to follow, just leave a link to any post you write in the comments below and if you're feeling kind link back to my Ladybird Tuesday category here on Being Mrs C. Thank you!


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    I recently cleared out all the baby books that were still on my son’s shelves, and you have once again reminded me about my collection of Ladybird books. I don’t really have very many, and they are mainly in the learning to read series, but I think he’ll enjoy the ones that I do have and they are just the right size to read together! So they will be filling up the gaps on his bookshelf, and I promise that I will be starting to join in with Ladybird Tuesdays!

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