Introducing Thrifty Mrs C

25 May 2008. Not exactly a memorable date, but that was when I first started blogging here at Being Mrs C. Amazing to think that it was five years ago. So much has happened in my life in that time, but the things that drove me to start blogging then still drive me to blog today.

One of the things that I was particularly keen to capture with this blog was my efforts to spend more time crafting and also to try to rediscover some of the crafts and skills of my grandparents generation. The make do and mend culture of the war years is one that fascinates me and in these austere times I believe that many of us are having to rediscover these ways, and come up with new ones, to help ends meet today.


I have therefore decided that I am going to celebrate my five years of blogging by launching Thrifty Mrs C and a new weekly feature: Mrs C's Thrifty Friday Five.

There are many money saving posts dotted around this blog, but I want to make an effort to bring them all together and in doing so create a resource that can help people become more thrifty in their daily lives.

The idea behind Thrifty Friday Five is to give you five ways of saving money every Friday, all on a similar theme. So one week it might be five ways to save money in the kitchen, whilst the next could be thrifty tips for family days out. I've been collecting tips like this in notebooks for years, so it's time to make use of all these scribblings. Many of these thrifty tips will also hopefully help families become more environmentally friendly too.

I'm not planning to set up a separate blog; all my thrifty posts will appear here on Being Mrs C, but there will be a new page set up as an index of all things thrifty.

I hope you'll join me as I go into my sixth year of blogging and many thanks to all of you that read, comment and get in touch via my Twitter and Facebook accounts already.

The really observant of you may have noticed that I'll actually be starting Thrifty Friday Five a day early, on the 24 May. One simple reason – Thrifty Saturday Five just didn't have the same ring to it!


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    Ooh, this sounds great. Definitely be looking out for that on a Friday. If you want some ideas for cheap days out with kids, I have a few up my sleeve too – I love a bargain, esp when it involves kids as it kicks the contemporary trend of parents being fleeced to entertain their kids. How about a parties one too? I’ve been amassing ideas on that too? I’d better stop, or i’ll be taking over…slap wrist. PS We never did meet up for that coffee (or bitumen!) in Waterstones did we? Will I see you at Britmums Live? You can reply to me at my FB account if you like which you’ll find on my homepage x

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