Ladybird Tuesday: More words for Numbers


I'm sticking with the slightly scientific theme introduced on the blog yesterday for today's Ladybird Tuesday: More words for Numbers.


I have to admit that when I picked this book up I wasn't really sure what to expect. What do they mean more words for numbers? Is this a thesaurus with just one entry? I'll let the description inside the cover of the book take over here:

When describing the changing approach to the learning of  mathematics, the Schools Council observes in "Curriculum Bulletin No. 1" that we can accelerate learning by providing suitable experiences for the child, particularly if we introduce the appropriate language simultaneously. Numbers are not met in isolation from language or experience.

This group of four books presents a planned approach to those words used most frequently in situations involving numbers. The words are linked with stimulating, colourful illustrations carefully chosen to avoid ambiguity.

I can see the title of this book confusing some children though as the first few pages in the book look at periods of time, but starting with stages of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, today and tonight), then go through days of the week, months of the year and the concept of age and birthdays, then hours of the day are introduced. Weights, measures and costs are also covered before some mathematics basics. Not all what I'd think of when you say "numbers".


Once again the book shows its age as not many shops have shopkeepers these days, nor do you see scales on shop counters unless you're in an old fashioned grocers shop. I also love the vintage milk bottles in the multiplication examples.


This book is the third book in a four book series (series 661) which is all about Words for Numbers. I'm slightly amazed that they managed to find enough content for four books on the subject, but still. I understand that similar books are still published by Ladybird as the teaching methods they cover are still considered very relevant. Quite something when you consider that this was first published in 1966.

If you have a collection of old Ladybird books then please feel free to join in with Ladybird Tuesday. There are no formal rules to follow, just leave a link to any post you write in the comments below and if you're feeling kind link back to my Ladybird Tuesday category here on Being Mrs C. Thanks!

I've also compiled an index of all the Ladybird Tuesday posts to date – organised by series. It satisfies my inner geek and hopefully will also be of interest to others too!


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    That would be a good one for next week. I was looking through my collection today and wondering which to do next. Quite a few options which follow on from others that weve covered. Its quite a list that were building up between us (and with a few others).

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    Yes, I’m really enjoying it too. And it’s a pretty eclectic mix too don’t you think? Which is good. I think my posts get a little more tangential than yours do, but from the sound of your other posts you have a more scientific mind than I. ; )

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