Little Peter Rabbit


Yep, here I am STILL waiting! All I can say is that this baby must be pretty damn comfortable in there. 

All this sitting around waiting for things to happen is pretty damn frustrating, but there is one small advantage. I have at least managed to finish one of the sewing projects that I started for Baby C. Before Little Miss C came along I had both a knitting and a cross stitch project on the go for her. OK, so neither were finished before she actually arrived (mainly due to carpel tunnel during the last month of that pregnancy) but eventually I did manage to complete both her blanket and the Ten in a Bed picture.

As Baby C is set up with knitted goodies from my knitting group I decided to just concentrate on some cross stitch pictures for his/her room. Inspired by Cherry Menlove's nursery shelf I had an urge to do something Peter Rabbit related and I was delighted to find a series of Anchor Beatrix Potter kits available on Amazon and sent off for the Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck ones.

I'm delighted to say that Peter is now complete – relatively easy to sew, but the back-stitch was a nightmare due to it all being over strange numbers of fraction squares rather than complete ones. I've even managed to find a frame to use, but it needs a bit more work with the iron before I can frame it properly – not something that's easy or safe to do with LMC running around!

Jemima has been started, but I'm not sure I want to have the time to finish her off too before this baby arrives!


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    That is the cutest Peter Rabbit, the backstitch does look complicated. Well done on finishing it and congratulations on your new arrival. Thanks so much for joining in with Needlework Days!

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    Thank you! The back stitch was a pain but very pleased to see it finished. Now to try to finish Jemima Puddleduck whilst looking after a newborn…

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    He’s lovely! Congratulations, and hope that you manage to find time to fit some stitching in, I only manage it during the evenings!

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