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I’m pretty sure I’m not the only parent who takes heaps and heaps of photographs of my daughter, but then manages to do nothing with them other than post a few on Facebook and leave the rest sitting on my hard drive. I have romantic visions of going through all my photographs during the long winter evenings, printing selected ones out and creating some beautiful albums with them, but then I never quite manage to find the time to do so.


Original picture taken in Norfolk – un-cropped

Back when Little Miss C was only nine months old we ventured to Norfolk with her and she had her first real taste of exploring a beach. She was crawling around and looked very cute doing so, especially with the sun hat that we managed to get her to wear that day. Plenty of photos were taken and as we looked at them on the back of the camera we both said how lovely one particular one would look on a printed canvas. Now, nearly eighteen months later(!) we’ve finally got round to it, thanks to a request to review a canvas from Photo-Canvas

Now I’ve gone through the process of creating and ordering a canvas it’s embarrassing just how long it took me to do something so simple! Once you’ve chosen exactly which product you want to buy from their website all you need to do is upload the photograph, crop it as appropriate to fit the canvas size that you want and choose the desired edging style (i.e. so it runs over the sides of the canvas or not). That is it. It really only did take a matter of minutes once on their website and entering my postal address took up nearly as long. The online tools to do all this are incredibly easy to use and don’t require you to follow loads of complex instructions.


The printed canvas

The speedy process didn’t end there though. I uploaded our photograph late on a Sunday evening and at 11am on Tuesday morning the postman arrived with the finished canvas. As I opened the package a friend was here and she was instantly impressed at how good the finished canvas looked and also at how fast the process was.

Printed canvases like this are a great way of bringing some of those treasured family photos to life and also would make great gifts, especially for family members. Quite why I haven’t thought of turning pictures like this into gifts before is completely beyond me – so simple and they would make wonderful personalised presents too. 

Disclaimer: We were given a free trial of the service from for this review, including a 30x40cm canvas print.

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