Paper Plate Care Bear

Paper Plate Care Bear - Cheer Bear

Spending more time crafting for myself has made me realise that since Little Miss C started full time school back in September I'm doing far less crafting with her, and I actually rather miss that. After a good pinning session on Pinterest last night I'm determined to change that too and so today whilst Mr C worked LMC and I sat down at the kitchen table with some paper plates and paint and set about making a Care Bear for her. LMC is currently addicted to a new TV channel that has appeared on Freeview called Tiny Pop. There seem to be loads of shows on there that she loves and one of those ... read more

My Week in Crafts

Craft Crochet Ripple Blanket

It's been all about crochet here this week. Well crochet and a spot of name tape sewing seeing as Little Miss C went back to school on Monday. In my usual disorganised fashion I suddenly realised at 8.30am on Monday morning that a ski coat probably was no longer appropriate for school seeing as the forecast was for 20 degrees. Luckily I'd picked up several coats from a half price sale in Millets so the kids should be correctly attired for the next couple of years between them, but of course the new coat was un-named and anyone who has had to spend an hour searching through a smelly pile of ... read more

Review: Tabure St Albans

Tabure St Albans

I'm not going to pretend to be some amazing food blogger or restaurant reviewer, as I'm obviously neither of those, but what I am is someone who likes good food, excellent service and attention to detail and all three of those were completely in abundance last night when I was invited along to a special pre-launch night at St Albans' newest restaurant Tabure. Beautiful interior and really can't wait to sit by the open grill @Tabure_Kitchen Thank you for a lovely evening — Food Ren (@RenBehan) April 23, 2015 Proper food bloggers like Ren take photos - I'm too ... read more

Review: Bing Floor Puzzle from Ravensburger

Bing Floor Puzzle

Regular readers will know that Master C is the biggest Bing fan out there right now. Every day he asks to watch it on the BBC iPlayer and he is completely obsessed with Bing, Sula, Pando and their friends and carers. As I mentioned when I blogged about knitting him a Flop toy there haven't been any Bing toys available commercially, but that's all about to change with this Bing Floor Puzzle from Ravensburger that we were sent to review. When I unwrapped the puzzle from the packaging in which it had been sent I think I instantly qualified for Mum of the Year, and that was while Master C just ... read more

Exercising those mental muscles with Letterfall


There was a time when I was actually quite mentally agile. It may seem hard to believe that, especially if you've ever seen me at the school gate desperately trying to remember what it is I've forgotten to bring that morning, but back when I was commuting every day I used to be able to solve the most difficult sudoko AND the easy crossword by the time my 30 minute train journey was over. I even went as far as getting the application form for one year's national sudoko championships! Children and a lack of sleep means that my head is in much more of a fog these days, but the brain is a ... read more

A year long Hotter Shoes review

Hotter Shoes Review Dalton

On Monday morning I had three different people stop me on the school run to ask where my shoes were from. If that doesn't give you a spring in your step after half an hour of trying to get two children out of the house with school uniform, book bag, reading books etc all correct then nothing will! So what were these amazing shoes attracting everyone's attention you may ask? The latest Hotter shoes in my collection - these gorgeous Dalton shoes in Flint. It's nearly two years now since I first discovered Hotter Shoes when I did a review for them of a pair of gorgeous Gaby Wedges. ... read more

When wind turbines are beautiful

Wind Turbine Picture

When we went on our family holiday to Cornwall last summer Master C was absolutely obsessed with all the wind turbines that we saw whilst there. Every time we drove past one there would be a shout of "windmill" from the back seat and in a way it became the saying of the holiday. Back home there aren't as many wind turbines around Hertfordshire, but trips north always seem to find a few and once again the familiar shout goes up from the back seat. The thing is - I'm actually rather fond of wind turbines. Not only do they do a wonderful job at producing green energy, but I actually think ... read more

My week in crafts

St Albans Bunting Craft

Another row finished whilst watching today's swimming lesson. #crochet #craft #momsoninstagram #handmade #homemade A photo posted by Penny Carr (@realbeingmrsc) on Apr 16, 2015 at 1:50am PDT It's been a week of mainly continuing with the two main projects that I started last week. Firstly the crochet ripple blanket has progressed well. With it still being the school Easter holidays here Little Miss C was booked on to an intensive swimming course which meant that we were at the pool every morning for a 30 minute lesson, in addition to her usual slot on a Friday afternoon. Excellent ... read more

Review: Nick Baker’s Bug Safari from Interplay

Interplay Bug Safari

We love all things nature based in this household, so when we were asked to review the Nick Baker's Bug Safari from Interplay I just knew that it would be perfect for Little Miss C. Her dad writes at UK Nature Blog and is forever finding interesting bugs and other creatures in the garden so this was a perfect opportunity for her to do similar. So, first of all here's what you get when you unbox it: Bug tongs Tweezers Field lens Viewing pot with magnifier lid Brush Instruction booklet with insect identification details in it LMC rushed out int the garden with it all ... read more

My week in crafts

Crochet Ripple Blanket

Since my lightbulb moment a week or so ago I'm finding that whenever I have a moment or two spare, rather than reaching for my phone and going on social media, I'm picking up something crafty and doing that instead. And I'm absolutely loving it! Not every week am I going to manage to complete a whole crafty project (and possibly not even every month!) but I do want to try to keep track of what I'm up to so here goes with the first of many My week in crafts posts. In the last week I've kicked off two quite major projects. Firstly I'm crocheting again (the first since finishing my big ... read more