My week (or two!) in crafts

Hoping to make the tea dress pattern form this edition of Sewing Magazine. Crafts

This week I've discovered that it's really hard to run a blog when you end up with splitting headaches due to being given a pair of contact lenses that are the wrong prescription! No wonder I was getting lots of pain every time I sat down at my laptop. Still - problem now solved thanks to the lovely lady in the local Boots Opticians and hopefully I can now go full steam ahead again. It's been a couple of weeks since my last crafty update here, and they've actually been a really busy couple of weeks of crafting. To start with I went off to the wonderful BritMums live - a huge blogging ... read more

Family Walk along the Alban Way

Alban Way St Albans

Before we had kids, one thing that Mr C and I often spoke about was a dream of going on long family walks with our children. Heck, I think we even mentioned it on our first ever weekend together! Anyone who actually has kids will know though that this dream isn't actually all that close to reality - instead you're likely to get lots of moaning about tired legs and children wanting to be picked up. Master C is now two and a half (I know, I still don't believe it either!) and he's now confident enough on his feet that he's walking around quite a lot and we've started to introduce a regular ... read more

Coming clean about my hair

Giving up shampoo #HappyHairDetox #nopoo

As a blogger you're kind of used to your life being rather public. Not that I blog about everything, but people who read Being Mrs C do generally know about most of what I'm up to. There has been one exception over the last month though - and that's to do with my hair. Now, if you follow me over on YouTube you will know what I'm up to as I've been publishing a series of videos over there about what I'm doing, but this is the first time I'm making it all a bit more public. On the 31st May I washed my hair for the last time with conventional shampoo and conditioner. I'm now going forwards ... read more

Win a Nickelodeon Store Goodie Bag

Nickelodeon Store London Goodie Bag

It's nearly a month now since I got a sneak preview of the new Nickelodeon Store in London's Leicester Square and I'm delighted to see that other people I know have now been along and are loving the place as much as Little Miss C and I did. You may also have seen me reveal what was in the goodie bag that I brought home from there too. And now I'm delighted to tell you that I have a goodie bag to give away to one lucky Being Mrs C reader. In addition to the goodies you can see pictured below there is also a £20 voucher to use in store. This competition is open to all readers ... read more

Home technology that can help save the planet

Home technology that can help save the planet

When I think about technology in the home I instantly think of the kitchen. The advances in technology in this most domestic of rooms have been revolutionary in so many ways. The recent BBC Two series Back in Time for Dinner gave a really good overview of these changes and what they have meant for family life as well as the food we eat. Starting after the war the kitchen has seen the introduction of refrigerators, freezers, electric ovens and microwaves, as well as all the labour saving devices that modern housewives and househusbands would struggle without. Washing machines, tumble driers, ... read more

Ladybird Tuesday: Jesus by the Sea of Galilee

Ladybird Jesus by the Sea of Galilee

At last week's WI meeting one of my friends came over as soon as I arrived and whispered this magic words: "I've found you come Ladybird books" and oh boy had she come up trumps! As well as the large history and nature series that Ladybird are quite famous for they also published a large number of religious titles (split over a couple of series) that are not so well known. I've picked up a couple of these over the years (St Paul being one such example) but there generally don't seem to be many of them about in charity shops. Imagine my delight therefore when this set that E had found ... read more

Several weeks in crafts

Crafts Pag Bag

Where oh where have the last few weeks vanished to? And possibly more importantly, where oh where has the last My Week in Crafts post banished to??? Over the last month I have been crazily busy with work and a million and one other things. Little Miss C has had a birthday - and I've had to organise a party for 31 children, which was made somewhat harder when the soft play centre hat we had booked cancelled on us due to a flood! There seem to have been loads of school meetings of one sort or another, plus a school summer fair, which as tradition dictates took place in the rain. My mum has ... read more

The fanciest peg bag ever!


When I read about the Hillarys Craft Competition for 2015 I knew I wanted to enter, but the question as what to make? With 1m square of fabric from their new Roman Blinds and curtains collection there were so many possibilities. Instantly the Daisy Pistachio fabric jumped out at me as the one I wanted to work with - even if I had imagined the pattern to be smaller on it than it actually turned out to be - but I was completely undecided about which of my plans to follow. Then, there I was one day hanging the washing out when inspiration struck me. My trusty old Cath Kinston peg bag was ... read more

Property – your questions answered #MoneyHangout

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Legal and General's #MoneyHangouts are really teaching me quite a bit. I thought I was quite up to speed on all things property related after remortgaging last year, but actually sitting down and watching their latest hangout on Property has made me realise just how much more there is to know, and also how many problems there are with property in this country at the moment. There is a shortage of houses, especially for families, in certain parts of the country and this means that people are finding it harder and harder to find a home. Knowing how ... read more

10 Top Tips for Travelling with Children

10 Top Tips for Travelling with Children

It's time to dust off the passports here in the Carr household as very excitingly I managed to win some holiday vouchers at the start of the half term holiday - just hours in fact before we headed off on our first family holiday in ages! Having now tested the theory that we can get further than the local supermarket with two children and all their kit I'm determined that this is just the start of our family holiday adventures. But, as any parent knows travelling with children isn't always straightforward so here are my top ten tips for making it as stress-free as possible. 1. Plan, plan, ... read more