January – all the things I’d forgotten I’d done

KonMari Drawers Folding Marie Kondo clothes Being Mrs C January

Did I fall asleep or something? Where on earth did January go? It seems like only two minutes since Christmas and New Year, but then at the same time they also feel like a lifetime ago. So, what exactly have I been up to in January. Sitting here now it seems a bit hard to work out exactly what I've been up to for the whole month, but I'm sure I'll work it out. The biggest thing has probably been that January has been the month in which I started running again. Here I am on the 29th of the month and I'm delighted to say that I've clocked up a whole 70km in January (so far!) and am ... read more

Ladybird Tuesday: Learnabout Camping

Ladybird Learnabout Camping

I couldn't really feature any other Ladybird book after last week's blog post, could I? Learnabout Camping is one of the later books in the Learnabout series (series 634) and was first published in 1977. The thing which sets it aside a bit from some of the other Learnabout books that I've featured here before, is the inclusion of cartoons like the one on the cover. Whilst the book contains the typical Ladybird illustrations (this time by Eric Winter) there are also a series of cartoons by Martin Aitchison dotted throughout the book. These are very different in style to the illustrations ... read more

Trying to choose a family tent

Choosing a family tent

The last time I slept in a tent was when I was 17. It was part of my Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition on the North Yorkshire Moors and it was an eventful trip. We reached our campsite that first night and one member of the team pulled something out of her rucksack and said with a flourish "here's the tent inner". Seconds later another member of the team did exactly the same. Word for word the same. Now, I don't know how much you know about old fashioned tents, but two tent inners isn't exactly right. Especially when it's raining! Luckily things improved from that point on, although ... read more

Stick Man at Wendover Woods #weloveforests

Stick Man Trail Wendover Woods

Stick Man, oh Stick Man, beware of the mud... I think that's probably what we should have been chanting as we went round Wendover Woods just after Christmas. After loving the Super Worm trail last year we had been invited back to try out the new Stick Worm trail and we were not disappointed. Stick Man seems to have become a huge celebrity this Christmas. Not only did he get a Christmas Day show on BBC1, but he was also on the cover of the Christmas Radio Times. Do you get any more famous than that? Still not got round to watching everything I recorded last Christmas but that's not ... read more

Ladybird Tuesday: How it Works The Husband

Ladybird The Husband

Happy New Year Ladybird fans! All that Christmas card and letter writing put me a bit behind schedule in the run up to Christmas, but now the kids are back at school (and most importantly Master C in pre-school on Tuesdays!) Ladybird Tuesday is back to stay. And how else to start, but with the Christmas best seller The Husband. The Husband is one of the new series of comedy Ladybird titles which take a look at some of the modern day problems that now face those who grew up reading original Ladybird titles. All written by Joel Morris and Jason Hazeley these books combine original ... read more

Thrifty Mrs C: 52 Week Saving Challenge

52 Week Saving Challenge

I'm back on the Radio Verulum Drivetime show this evening with my monthly thrifty slot, and one of the things I'm going to be talking about is thrifty new years resolutions. New years resolutions can scare some people, but actually they're a perfect opportunity to help kickstart yourself into a thriftier way of life. It may be that you want to start small and for you the right thrifty resolution might be to start meal planning, or to buy more things secondhand. Possibly to look on a price comparison site and see if you can get a better deal on your utilities bill. Or, if you're someone ... read more

Review: Clangers Squeeze and Whistle Tiny

Squeeze and Whistle Tiny Clanger

Being woken up in the early hours of the morning to the noise of a swanee whistle coming over the baby monitor is a bit of a strange experience. That's the risk you have though when you get your little one a Clangers Squeeze and Whistle Plush - or at least it is with my son! Master C was super excited to unwrap a Squeeze 'n' Whistle Tiny and she has soon become a firm friend. After three years of just being attached to his favourite cuddly toy dog he's now started taking a huge interest in other toys and treating them like friends. Tiny Clanger was one of the first and certainly the ... read more

Why I will be sending Christmas Cards this year

Christmas Cards

If you're on Facebook or email I'm pretty sure that over the next week or so you'll start seeing messages along the lines of: Just so you know we're not doing Christmas cards this year, but we will be making a donation to charity instead. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year! That's all fine and dandy, and everyone's entitled to do whatever they want, not only at Christmas, but for the rest of the year too. But as someone who hasn't given up on Christmas cards I thought it about time to actually shout about why I will be sending them this year, and why I'd encourage others to do the ... read more

Ladybird Tuesday: The Ladybird Book of Commercial Vehicles

The Ladybird Book of Commercial Vehicles Ladybird Tuesday

Oh Ladybird Tuesday, how I've missed you! When Ladybird Tuesday first started years ago Tuesday was a day when I was childfree and able to ensure a Ladybird post went up every week without fail. Have you realised yet that for the last 18 months I've been running a playgroup every Tuesday and always had at least one child with me and so completely failed to post regularly. Argh! Sorry about that. Something just had to give and Ladybird Tuesday was sadly the victim. Still, only two more weeks left running playgroup - one voluntary role that I'm really looking forward to giving up at Christmas ... read more

Advent House for Master C

Advent House Christmas

It seems hard to believe that it's over a year now since I made an Owl Advent Calendar for Little Miss C (and nearly a year to the day since I blogged about it too). Master C wasn't quite ready for an advent calendar last year, but even then I knew that I would need to do something for him this advent, so it was perfect timing when the team at Ocean Loans got in touch asking if I would like to be sent an Advent house from Hobbycraft and a nice gift voucher so that I could decorate it. This was of course back in early October and I was rather proud of myself for getting on to it straight away, ... read more