Crafting for Spring, Mum and Granny


There was much excitement here last week when I opened the front door to a postman holding a brown box with a Craft Merrily label very clearly displayed on it. After an initial panic that I'd done a spot of drunken late night craft buying online and then forgotten all about it I realised that in fact I was looking at the next box of crafting goodies as part of our role on the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers network. Yippee!

There is just so much in this pack that Little Miss C and I have managed to spend all afternoon using it to make thing and yet there is still loads that we haven't even touched yet.

With Spring definitely here, Mother's Day this weekend coming and Easter in just a few weeks there was plenty of inspiration for us. But bearing in mind the date of next Sunday I should probably ask my Mum to stop reading now – so as not to spoil any surprise!

LMC started off determined that she wanted to make a special card for Granny with flowers on it and that's exactly what she did.


I get the impression she may have further plans for this as she's told me already that we need to get it out again tomorrow once the glitter writing is dry.


Whilst LMC made her card I cracked on with my own version.


This was a tad fiddly but really quite simple to make. I just laid out the buttons how I wanted them on the card – making sure that the bottom of the letters was in a straight line – and then stuck each one on with a glu dot. I hadn't used glu dots before, but they really do adhere very strongly and there's no chance of these buttons coming off the card – even if you wanted them to.

After the card I moved on to trying to turn one of the bun cases into a flower.


Using another of the glu dots I placed a yellow pompom into the middle of the bun case. I then used another to attach the end of a green pipe cleaner to the back. I cut two leaf shapes out of green foam and fixed them to the pipe cleaner stem.


Pop the whole thing into a ceramic pot that LMC painted at a reent birthday party and tah-dah, one completed flower. 


The weight of the pompom and bun case was a bit much for the pipe cleaner, so I might try doubling that up in any future ones we make to make them a bit sturdier. Another addition could also be to decorate the inside of the bun case, or even fold one backwards and place it inside the other – in effect making a double sided bun case.

Deciding to ignore any seasonal theme LMC cut up the rest of the green foam to make herself a scary monster.


Completely her own design and creation – and I'm told that the glitter on his face gives him extra special scary powers!

We had a lovely afternoon crafting together whilst Master C napped upstairs and I'm actually quite excited about the prospect of another afternoon doing similar. Watch out for another post to show what we create next.

Disclaimer: We were sent a box of craft goodies as part of our role on the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network.


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