Adorable stationery from Alain Gree


I love stationery. There’s just something about new pens, pencils and notebooks that just takes me right back to that feeling I used to get at the end of the long summer holidays when you’re getting yourself ready for the new term and everyone’s got a new pencil case to show off. I still dream of having a nice enough desk space at home to have all my pens and pencils beautifully arranged so that I can just sit down and get on with something in a nice new notebook and feel so much more organised than I do right now.


At the back end of last year I was asked if I wanted to review some of the new stationery that has been brought out featuring the utterly gorgeous artwork of Alain Gree. I fell in love with a couple of his books that we were sent to review last year and jumped at the chance of seeing some of this new range.

I was sent a box of thank you cards (perfect for post Christmas letters to relatives), a pack of three exercise books and a set of three little jotters.

Now whilst this range may be aimed at children I have to say that I’ve started using these exercise books and jotters myself. The artwork is just adorable. A vintage style, but also refreshingly modern at the same time.


I particularly loved the thank you cards and Little Miss C and I spent a lovely afternoon one weekend writing them to all the people who had sent her Christmas presents. One little touch that LMC really liked was the sheet of ten stickers that was included as it meant that she could place one of them on the back of each envelope once I’d sealed them up. It was very cute watching her take this job very seriously!


The three notesbooks are also being put to good use as my three list and ideas books for the year. They fit really well inside my handbag and the paper in them is a particularly good quality – and takes ink very nicely.


The range doesn’t just stop there though as there are also party invitations, stamp sets and an adorable height chart. Any of these would make a lovely gift – either for a child or an adult!

Discalimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purposes of this review. All views expressed are entirely my own.


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