Honk, honk for Team Honk and Comic Relief!


Blogging is one of those things where some people just don't "get it". They think it a complete waste of time and something that is only done by people that sit at home without enough social skills to go out and interact with the "real" world. Those people who do "get" blogging, and social media more generally, know that it's far more than that and that these days social media really can change the world. Here in the UK there are three particular bloggers who are about to use the power of blogging and social media to help change the world in support of Comic Relief and I'm very proud to support them.

Can you believe that it's 25 years since Comic Relief was born? That means it's twenty-five years since my mum tried to embarrass me by driving me to school whilst wearing a red nose – sorry mum but I still remember! It's also twenty-five years in which Comic Relief have done huge amounts of "good work" both in Africa and here in UK and they're using this anniversary to celebrate the progress that has been made and to highlight the difference made by the money that has been raised. So, where do three bloggers fit into this plan?

For weeks Annie, T and Penny have been teasing us across social media with news of a #SecretThing that they had planned. I've had the honour to meet T and Annie in the past couple of months and knew that the pair of them would be platting something big, but I had no idea just how big this plan of theirs is. Today the three of them are flying off to Ghana with Comic Relief to visit four projects and see for themselves the difference that has been made. They're going to be using their online influence whilst there to tell all of us at home about the fantastic work that Comic Relief has done over the last 25 years and how your donations can help them further going forwards.

It's going to be a hectic few days for the ladies and probably a very emotional journey too. Full details of their schedule are on the Team Honk website. There's also talk of a celebrity or two joining them out there. Apparently there's a "media schedule" too. This is all really happening and you know what – it all started with just one tweet. Well, that and three very determined women.

Make sure that you follow Team Honk over the next few days and keep your eyes peeled on TV too as I'd put nothing past Annie running across the back of some TV interviews to attract attention! Seriously though, this is an excellent opportunity to find out exactly how all the money donated to Comic Relief is being used in Ghana to help and to use social media to spread the news of the good work that Comic Relief are doing across Africa. There are going to be tweets, blog posts, videos and photos throughout their journey. Good luck to you ladies – we're behind you all the way. Safe journey!

Team Honk are Annie (Mammasaurus), T (Mummy Barrow) and Penny (Alexander Residence). You can follow them via their team site, or separately on Twitter (Annie, T and Penny) where they will be using the #GoodWork hashtag.


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    Think we showed them that nobody knows bloggers and what works, better than bloggers!
    And you have been amazing. We didnt get a chance to answer tweets much but we did read them all and yours were fabulous.

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