Blowing away the cobwebs


Many thanks for all your kind words following my last post. I've had so many tweets, emails and Facebook comments that I'm struggling to respond to them all in a timely fashion.

I'm somewhat blown away by the messages that I have had, especially from old school friends who have fond memories of my Dad when he used to regularly come and cheer on our lacrosse team from the sidelines. Another old school friend also reminded me of the time that he came and "helped" on our Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition (if the Duke's reading, which I'm sure he is, he had possibly better skip over the next bit…)

We basically got to the campsite on the first night and discovered that we had wrongly brought with us two tent inner sections and no outer bit – i.e. no waterproof bit. A phone call to Dad and he arrived with multiple waterproof sheets and then happened to help us find our way to the local pub where we also had a lovely dinner to ensure that we were well fed for the following day's walk. By complete "fluke" we also then managed to meet him in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors where a flask of hot chocolate found its way into our possession. It's memories like these that make the days easier at the moment.

Last Sunday also found us able to do our first family trip out as a family of four. After three weeks of being either at home or in a hospital I was very ready for some fresh air and exercise so we all went along to Heartwood Forest which is just down the road from us. It was great to get outside, stretch my legs and enjoy the fresh air. 


It was also a great opportunity to try out the new Moby Wrap that I bought in advance of Master C's arrival. I figure that the key to success with two children is being able to be handsfree with the little one to enable me to be hands on with the big one. Our trip through the woods was Master C's first trip out in the moby, but I'm really pleased with how well it went and how happy he was in there. I just hope for the same when I use it later today to go and collect LMC from nursery!

With the cobwebs firmly blown away it's time to really tackle family life as a family of four and the ups and downs that it's likely to bring.


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